The Bankers Association for Finance and Trade, BAFT, invites Nigel Hook to present on AML / KYC Automation
August 17 at 13:25 ET/18:25 BST/19:25 CEST


Del Mar, CA – August 8, 2021 – Be sure to join Nigel as he speaks at the BAFT 2021 Virtual Trade Finance Workshop II on August 17th at 10:25 am PST. To register go to

Nigel will speak on the technology available to combat AML in the Trade Finance arena, specifically what TradeSun can do to help you with compliance for your manual trade processing transactions. Nigel will also speak on KYC automation. Is your bank on an even keel? TradeSun can throw you a life preserver. Hear how automation may help reduce manual transaction processes.

This event is broken down into three modules each targeted to group sessions. Module 1: How Deep is Your Regulatory Environment? Module 2: 2021 Work Challenges and Module 3: Traditional Trade. With speakers such as:

  • J.P. Morgan – Sam Jebamony, Vice President and Merlin Dowse, Global Product Manager, Global Trade and Loan Products
  • TradeSun – Nigel Hook, CEO and Founder
  • BMO Financial Group – Normand Girard, CDCS, Director, Global Trade Operations and Ukamaka Okpara, CDCS, CSDG, CAMS, Service Specialist
  • Citi – Jeremiah Glock, CDCS, Vice President & Trade Advisor and Edward Stoltenberg, Director Global Trade Product Development Risk and Compliance
  • US Dept. of Commerce – Cathleen Ryan, Director, Office of Antiboycott Compliance
  • ManchesterCF – Kim Manchester, Managing Director
  • Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets – John Baranello, Director & Head of Trade Finance Product Management, Americas
  • Frost Bank – Raja Hafeez, Vice President
  • Guidehouse – Adam Klauder, Senior Director and Patrick J. McArdle, Partner, Global Investigations and Compliance
  • PNC Bank – Mary Ann McCarty, Vice President
  • US Bank – Subha Srinivas, Operations Manager
  • Port of Los Angeles – Eric Caris, Director of Cargo Marketing
  • Windward – Ami Daniel, CEO
  • Goldman Sachs & Co. – Walter “Buddy” Baker, Vice President, Investment Banking Division
  • Bank of America – Michael Grizzanti, Vice President, Global Trade Operations & Senior Operations Consultant
  • TD Bank – Yeganeh Alebrahim, CDCS, CSDG, CTFP, Group Manager, Trade Finance Operations
  • TD Financial Group – Frank Fortes, Senior Trade Finance Expert
  • Moses & Singer – Michael Evan Avidon, Esq. Partner
  • Wells Fargo – Glenn Ransier, Senior Vice President & Head of Documentary Trade and SBLCs
  • First Horizon Bank – Lelia Savory, CDCS, Senior Vice President, Product and Servicing Manager, International Department
  • BNP Paribas – Vivek Singh, Head-Trade Guarantees Expertise Desk
  • Global Trade Advisory – Donald Smith, President
  • CIBC – Marilyn D. Williams, Senior Manager Trade Finance
  • Societe Generale – Kristine Siebel, Chair, BAFT North American Standby/Guarantee Committee, VP & SBLC Officer, Trade Commodity Finance Operations

Global trade finance operates in a complicated regulatory landscape. Enforcement and compliance fines consume 10% of bank operating budgets, making trade finance departments a difficult environment in which to grow profits. Handling trade documents is a cumbersome process that relies on inefficient and risk prone manual checks, increasing the potential for costly regulatory fines, straining resources and cash flow to banks’ corporate customers. These delays, risks and outdated processes lead to constrained market opportunities. There is an estimated $3.4 trillion trade finance gap for underserved SMEs globally.

The TradeSun Astra™ platform empowers financial institutions to better serve the market, creating an intelligent trading ecosystem that reduces risk, increases productivity and fuels growth. Astra’s automation of compliance checks helps identify fraud and money laundering, preventing financial crimes and reducing the risk of regulatory fines. Workflow automation through intelligent digitization delivers greater throughput and increased efficiency. Vast sources of data help gain unprecedented insight and drive opportunities to expand global trade. The TradeSun Astra™ platform was created with next generation algorithms specifically for trade it is a hosted SaaS platform cloud-native on Amazon Web Services with a roadmap toward an open hybrid-cloud.

TradeSun Communications:
Tel: +1 (202) 663 7575
For further information go to

About Nigel Hook: Mr. Nigel Hook grew up near Bletchley Park, in the United Kingdom. This led him to study computer science, cryptography, and of course, Turing machines. After graduating, he self-emigrated to the United States and founded DataSkill in 1981, in pursuit of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to solve intractable problems. One area, combatting complex crimes using data science to find clues in vast amounts of data led to clients, including the US DoD, SPAWAR, FBI, and other international intelligence agencies. Mr. Hook founded TradeSun in 2018 to apply these AI and IoT technologies to trade finance where the automation of document examination drives real-time interception of fraud, money laundering and compliance infractions.

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August 8, 2021


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