Governments Called on to Respond to Trade Finance Barriers

In a recent article in the Global Trade Review, Eleanor Wragg reports on a recent plea to the government by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to “enable an immediate transition to paperless trading.” … Read More


The Edison Awards winners were announced on April 8, 2020. TradeSun took the silver award for the Innovative Services, Financial Solutions category. … Read More

Coronavirus May Get Trade Finance Banks Thinking about the Future of Work

From collapsing stock markets to suspended flights and lockdowns, the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are being felt worldwide. As one response to this global pandemic, attempts are being made to “flatten the curve” by allowing employees to work from home. … Read More

TradeSun Announced as a Finalist in Innovative Services in the 2020 Edison Awards

TradeSun has been named a finalist in Innovative Services for the 2020 Edison Awards … Read More

TradeSun Shortlisted for GTR Leaders in Trade Awards

GTR recognizes TradeSun on the short list for Best Fintech Startup … Read More

TradeSun Appoints New Director

Terry Hubert joins TradeSun as Director, Trade Operations … Read More

City National Bank pilot successfully completed

TradeSun automates CNB Trade Services with remarkable results
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TradeSun Introduces Version 3.0

New cloud-based version released with advanced AI capabilities … Read More

TradeSun introduces new Executive Vice President

Wells Fargo’s Chris Lewis joins TradeSun as Executive Vice President … Read More

Nigel Hook, TradeSun CEO, announces a partnership with R3/Corda/Voltron.

Nigel Hook, TradeSun CEO, announces a partnership with R3/Corda/Voltron. … Read More