We delve into key topics shaping trade including digitization, compliance, emerging markets and more.

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Steering shipping clear of financial crime risks with technology and alliances

Shipping is a core part of the global economy, but it, like much of trade, is hampered by inefficient processes and financial crime risks … Read More

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Sustainable finance is gaining ground – but global trade needs more detail

Sustainable finance is fast gaining popularity, with incentives and investor pressure steering business towards a more inclusive future … Read More

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With regulatory scrutiny intensifying, trade-based money laundering checks must evolve

As warnings ramp up and banks are handed hefty fines for flouting anti-money laundering rules, compliance teams in trade need to evolve … Read More

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Report: Transforming African trade with technology

From blockchain to big data, technology is driving much-needed change in trade across Africa. In the fourth analysis of our series … Read More

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Sustainability series: Matching up the E, S and G in the complex world of trade

What does the global sustainability push mean for trade? In the first of a three-part series, we explore the impact of the ESG movement on … Read More

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Report: Africa’s industrialization riddle

How can African economies jump-start their productivity? In this analysis, part of our series covering African trade, we examine the factory floor … Read More

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Report: Tackling economic crime across Africa

This analysis, part of our series covering African trade, outlines the scale of economic crime, including that of trade-based money laundering … Read More

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5 key takeaways from GTR Africa

We went to a leading conference on Africa in London to discuss the evolving trade landscape across the continent with our industry peers. … Read More

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Trade finance bosses must act after regulator warning over crime controls

Stakeholders in trade finance have been warned by regulators over inadequate crime controls following several high-profile scandals. Nigel Hook, TradeSun’s … Read More

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‘Blistering’ pace of trade digitization is shaping industry’s future

The pace of change for trade digitization has been ‘blistering’ over the past 18 months as the pandemic made clear that paper and manual compliance processes … Read More

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