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A New Era For Trade Compliance

TradeSun’s one-stop AI platform, powered by Astra, for financial crime prevention, trade digitization and document examination offers customers a simpler way to accelerate compliance with confidence.
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Our Mission

TradeSun is an innovator and leader in trade digitization. Our mission is to reduce financial crime and empower players in trade by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). Our expert team is dedicated to supporting banks and corporates in using intelligent technology to accelerate efficiency, reduce risks and costs, and fuel growth in trade.


Extracts and standardizes data from complex trade documents using OCR and NLP with AI and machine learning to the highest degree of accuracy, streamlining operations.

Performs multiple due diligence activities, covering TBML, sanctions screening, dual use goods and more, that flag potential non-compliance.

Seamlessly automates the inspection of a wide variety and quality of trade documents by leveraging an intelligent and comprehensive rules-based engine.


Reduces Risk

Reduces the risk of potential non-compliance, avoiding costly fines.

Standardizes the document process, improving internal controls and auditing.

Fuels Growth

Improve revenue with shorter processing times and higher trade volumes.

Develop predictive insights as TradeSun learns from every trade.

Expert Partners

Proven technology developed over 40 years with leading AI and ML specialists.

Developed in collaboration with experts at a global bank.


We’re working with leading players in trade.

In the News

The latest from TradeSun.

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TradeSun launches real-time compliance product

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