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GTR TradeSun
TradeSun launches real-time compliance product

Trade finance technology firm TradeSun has launched a real-time compliance product to help banks better detect and intercept illicit activities such as trade-based money laundering… Read more

TFG TradeSun
As doc checkers retire, how can banks retain their expertise?

For decades, trade document checkers at banks have mastered the crucial, time-consuming, and somewhat niche skill of manually reviewing complex documents… Read more

Ronne TradeSun
TradeSun appoints Ex-US Admiral, Ronne Froman-Blue to board

Ronne Froman-Blue, the retired US Navy Rear Admiral, has joined TradeSun’s Board of Directors to support and steer the company in its mission to fight financial crime in trade…. Read more

TradeSun acquires UK ESG company Coriolis Technologies

The strategic acquisition will allow the TradeSun network, of global and regional banks around the world, to expand with further innovation across trade and the supply chain…. Read more

Nigel Hook
Global trade needs ESG risk scoring to hit its target

As concerns around sustainability have grown exponentially, the focus on how to measure ESG risks has swiftly sharpened, writes Nigel Hook, TradeSun CEO, for Financial IT… Read more

CyberNews TradeSun
“Digital solutions and cloud are vital in transforming trade”

“Our hope is that more repetitive tasks can be further automated for businesses, so that employees can upskill and take on higher-value jobs,” Nigel Hook, TradeSun CEO, tells CyberNews… Read more

Bhumish Shah
TradeSun hires ex-JP Morgan Bhumish Shah as CTO

TradeSun has appointed Bhumish Shah as Chief Technology Officer to bolster the cloud-based platform, supporting customers as they digitize their trade processes… Read more

San Diego Business Journal
Stopping financial crimes before they happen

Nigel Hook, TradeSun CEO, speaks to San Diego Business Journal about intercepting illicit acts in flight. “The more data you pull in… the better chance you have of intercepting nefarious acts.” Read more 

Trade Finance Analytics
Smarter data sharing to curb trade finance crime

Criminal organizations continue to target global trade finance, for money-laundering schemes, tax evasion, and the shipping of dual use goods, because of its complex nature… Read more

Sustainable HQ
TradeSun partners with Sustainable for company ESG goals

TradeSun will leverage Sustainable’s platform to track key environmental, social and governance indicators, including organizational emissions, energy use, and company structure… Read more

TradeSun to tap into IHS Markit data with new partnership

TradeSun has struck a partnership with IHS Markit, as the trade finance technology firm works to strengthen its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered compliance checking solution… Read more

ESG scoring
TradeSun and Coriolis launch ESG scoring of trade finance​

With regulators applying pressure on companies to disclose more detail on ESG performance, quantitative ways of analysing the impact of trade finance activities are vital… Read more

TradeSun expands into Pakistan market with partnership

TradeSun has signed a partnership with Khalid Associates Global (KAG), a leading trade finance consultancy, for the Pakistan territory as the technology company continues to expand… Read more

TradeSun launches real-time offering to tackle Russia sanctions

TradeSun has launched a real-time offering to detect and intercept financial transactions involving dual-use goods from Russia and Belarus, as well as vessels entering sanctioned areas… Read more

corporate treasurer
Contour ties up with TradeSun to simplify document authentication

Collaboration intended to streamline trade processes in key regions including Africa, by bringing together banks and businesses on software company R3’s Corda blockchain platform… Read more