About Us


TradeSun is an innovator and leader in trade digitalization, financial crime prevention and ESG scoring. We empower customers with our unique artificial intelligence solutions to confidently advance their global trade and supply chain processes, expanding economic prosperity for companies, countries and their people.

We started out as DataSkill, established in 1981; an advanced analytics services firm creating custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies. In the time since, TradeSun launched and is scaling rapidly across the globe to provide groundbreaking technology to banks and companies.

Our executive team consists of highly experienced trade, ESG and technology professionals from many leading banks.

Our Team

Nigel Hook

CEO and Founder

Manoj Saxena

Chief Product Officer

Andy Hindley

Chief Operating Officer

Janna Baer

Chief Client Officer

Ajay Nair

Chief Delivery Officer

Shelley Brown

General Counsel

Ian Laverty

Chief Revenue Officer
Amy Chestnutt

Amy Chestnutt

Sales Director, Europe
Lloyd Parata

Lloyd Parata

Sales Director, APAC
Devan Conness

Devan Conness

Sales Director, North America

Keli Gunn

Business Development

Core Values

Collaboration. We believe by empowering and encouraging our people to work with transparency and mutual respect, and with an appreciation for the power of diversity and experience, that our clients become partners and we succeed together.

Innovation. We believe by continuously creating and implementing new technologies in smarter ways, we will remove barriers to global trade and create new opportunities for our clients and their customers worldwide. 

Determination. We believe by our collective drive, intelligence and agility, we will exceed our own and our partners’ expectations in the pursuit of excellence in all we undertake.

We are committed not only to a paperless future, but also to a sustainable one. We are working with our partners to support them on their sustainability journey; trade has an important role to play in steering the world to a more inclusive future.

Additionally, as part of this commitment to the environment, and to society, we keep honeybees at our corporate head office.

These bees pollinate the flowers in our neighborhood and make honey that is enjoyed by our employees, friends and family.