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Report: Africa holds an immense opportunity for trade

In the first analysis in a series covering African trade, we examine the opportunities on the continent and why players in global trade must expand their investment and support for Africa –a region that holds huge potential for economic growth. … Read More

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How artificial intelligence will power the future of trade compliance

Manoj Saxena, TradeSun’s Chief Product Officer, outlines how artificial intelligence will transform compliance for global trade, overhaul risk management teams and help to combat economic crime.
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Piecing together the financing puzzle for trade in emerging markets

Nigel Hook, TradeSun’s Chief Executive Officer, explains the critical role trade plays in socio-economic prosperity and why supporting smaller companies, the backbone of emerging markets, to grow offers rich opportunities for stakeholders in trade. … Read More

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Navigating the choppy waters of sanctions with intelligent shipping data

Nigel Hook, our Chief Executive Officer and an alumni of the FBI Citizens Academy, explains why stakeholders across supply chains need comprehensive and intelligent vessel data to steer clear of sanctions lists as regulators take a hard-line approach. … Read More

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Criminals are getting smarter – and banks must be on high alert

High-profile scandals have rocked global trade over the last year – and as criminals become more technologically capable, stakeholders in trade finance transactions need to be vigilant. … Read More

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Joining the data dots to combat trade finance fraud

Manoj Saxena, our Chief Product Officer, spoke at the London Institute of Banking & Finance’s Annual Trade Finance Compliance Conference earlier this month. In his first blog, he shares his post-event thoughts on why technology will be vital in joining the dots in trade compliance. … Read More

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Governments Called on to Respond to Trade Finance Barriers

In a recent article in the Global Trade Review, Eleanor Wragg reports on a recent plea to the government by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to “enable an immediate transition to paperless trading.” … Read More

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Coronavirus May Get Trade Finance Banks Thinking about the Future of Work

From collapsing stock markets to suspended flights and lockdowns, the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are being felt worldwide. As one response to this global pandemic, attempts are being made to “flatten the curve” by allowing employees to work from home. … Read More

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A Bright Future for Trade Finance

I remember as if it were yesterday. I was sitting in my office doing what countless others were probably doing at the time: I was on a conference call. This call was with ten or twelve BAFT members representing their respective banks listening to a presentation from a company whose name I can no longer recall. They were telling us how they were going to be the first ones to do the equivalent in Trade Finance of boiling the ocean. It wasn’t easy to pay attention after they described how they were in the process of negotiating with all the major shipping companies, the key governments from the WTO, the major insurance companies, most of the fortune 500, a number of freight forwarders and on and on and on. … Read More

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