TradeSun empowers customers with its unique Artificial Intelligence solutions to confidently advance their global trade processes, expanding economic prosperity for companies, countries and their people.

TradeSun Trade Finance Platform

TradeSun is an intelligent end-to-end global trade finance platform. The Platform has cloud-native modular solutions that integrate with global banks' existing systems.

Key Features

Automated Document Digitalization

TradeSun extracts and standardizes key data points from trade documents into usable, auditable transactions.

Next-Gen Compliance Screening

TradeSun screens for sanctions, intercepts fraud and money laundering, and is API-enabled to integrate with existing vendors.

Intelligent Document Examination

TradeSun's AI engine checks transactions against international trade finance rules (UCP 600, ISBP, etc.)



Reduces reputational risk and avoids costly compliance fines.

TradeSun's compliance module significantly reduces regulatory risks, such as sanctions and TBML, powered by TradeSun's unique AI data extraction technology leveraging vast sources of trade data.

Standardizes the document process, improving internal controls and auditing.

By automating manual document review, TradeSun standardizes the process and removes human errors. It maximizes staff efficiency and provides an archived audit trail, which potentially saves hundreds of hours and millions of dollars annually.

Future-proof against staff and expertise turnover with Machine Learning.

TradeSun lowers the cost of employee turnover and helps banks retain trade expertise by leveraging automated institutional rules and practices instead of relying on individual decision making.


Improve revenue with shorter processing times and higher trade volumes.

TradeSun reduces document review time from hours to seconds, increasing trade volumes and revenue potential; accelerating decision making with unlimited scalability.

Develop predictive insights as TradeSun learns from every trade.

TradeSun transforms LC and trade documentation checking from a mundane task to an evolving ecosystem of trade knowledge and insights, enabling constant optimization to be shared with partners and clients.

Improve client confidence and protect brand reputation.

TradeSun is an end-to-end AI platform designed specifically for global trade by industry specialists. It mitigates reputational risk by consistently delivering proven, audited and trusted results.


Proven technology developed over 40 years with leading AI and ML specialists.

CEO Nigel Hook grew up by Bletchley Park, where the WWII Enigma codes were deciphered, and brings a lifetime passion for advancing the latest data-driven technology. Nigel was inspired to transform the world by Alan Turing and Thinking Machines, creating a vision that has turned science fiction into reality. After graduating as a Computer Scientist, Nigel moved to the USA and his first engagement was at Chase Manhattan in NY, implementing code for SWIFT transactions, and later pioneering the adoption of RDBMS in banking OLTP systems during the 1980s.

Developed in collaboration with experts at a Top 3 Global Bank.

TradeSun has been continuously improved through a deep collaboration with a soon-to-be-announced global trade bank. The customer bank selected TradeSun because of its commitment, focus and knowledge of the technology powering global trade.

Supported by specialists across global trade finance and technology.

The TradeSun team includes banking and technology experts from JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Standard Chartered Bank, and others. The team has worked in every major global trade finance market and supports clients around the world.

Your Proven AI Partner for Trade Finance

The Astra™ brain powers the world's smartest cloud-based trade finance platform, seamlessly connecting global trade experts with their clients. It creates an intelligent trading ecosystem that reduces risk and fuels growth.