TradeSun and ESGRI partner to announce SaaS based solution for SGX ESG Reporting Requirements

Singapore, 22 September 2023: TradeSun and ESG Reporting Intelligence (ESGRI) today announced a new partnership launching a SaaS solution to help companies meet the Singapore Stock Exchange’s (SGX’s) mandated ESG reporting requirements.

ESGRI will leverage TradeSun EvoESG, the industry leading ESG reporting solution, to provide businesses with the data, tools, and expertise they need to report on their material ESG factors.

EvoESG, is a cutting-edge ESG reporting software solution developed by ESG consultants, that enables businesses to generate benchmarking reports in just 5 minutes.

ESGRI’s reporting intelligence software then guides businesses through an ESG program that meets SGX and global reporting requirements. The consulting-as-a-platform solution has been found to significantly reduce time, cost and complexity for businesses completing their ESG reporting.

The advantages EvoESG’s fully automated scoring solution brings to the table are three-fold, and leveraging this tool ensures reporting becomes:  

  1. Fast – the data within EvoESG is updated in real-time and so reports can be generated within a few minutes.
  2. Effortless – the data is provided by 3rd party; objective sources and no effort is required from company personnel to fill out questionnaires or forms.
  3. Credible – the data in EvoESG is derived from a variety of trusted 3rd party sources for everything from product information to satellite based emissions information.

With this partnership, ESGRI proudly continues its journey towards being the most complete ESG reporting tool and with EvoESG as its partner, it has taken a critical step towards accomplishing that goal.

EvoESG by TradeSun reinforces ESGRI’s reputation as a leading brand in this space, while cementing EvoESG’s own reputation as the leading provider of automated ESG solutions. 


Quote from James Cronan Managing Director, ESG Reporting Intelligence, “We are excited to partner with TradeSun to provide Singapore-based companies with the tools and support they need to meet their ESG regulatory requirements. A question that often arises from the senior leadership or board members of our clients is ‘how do I get a data driven benchmark of our current performance?’

Our alliance with EvoESG will help clients address this challenge in a meaningful way, then utilise our technology to identify the risks, enhance reporting and develop genuine, auditable, and authentic ESG strategies. This alliance sets down a marker for our future in this business.


Quote from Nigel Hook, Founder and CEO of TradeSun, “ESGRI’s decision to invest in the partnership with TradeSun EvoESG is a powerful validation of the ESG standards derived by global banks and industry bodies around the World whose reporting TradeSun has automated.

 In partnership, we successfully fitted the solution to the requirements of the Singapore Stock Exchange, and this will avail our mutual clients with unrivaled speed and efficiency. ESGRI’s commitment with TradeSun and EvoESG will continue the leadership in objectively digitizing sustainability data and reporting.” 

The partnership between ESGRI and TradeSun is a significant step forward for ESG reporting in Singapore. The new solution will help companies to meet SGX’s requirements in a timely and efficient manner, and it will also help them to improve their ESG performance.


About: TradeSun is the AI leader in trade digitalization. TradeSun’s suite of products, including Real-Time Compliance and CoriolisESG, is transforming the trade and supply chain ecosystem to better manage sustainability and financial crimes risks.


About: ESG Reporting Intelligence is uniquely positioned to help businesses demystify environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends and expectations in each market in which they operate. Utilising ESGRI ensures that businesses provide their clients and customers with exemplary service ethically and responsibly to help them achieve their ESG goals. The technology features modules for carbon footprint, Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), ESG risk management, ESG Reporting, governance (policies & procedures), ESG supply chain risk management, supplier ESG assessments, and board & management profiles.

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