TradeSun's AI Platform

TradeSun is the world’s smartest cloud-based trade finance and supply chain offering, with solutions for digitalization, compliance, and automated sustainability scoring.

The TradeSun platform, powered by unique Astra™ AI technology, creates an intelligent trading ecosystem for customers.

TradeSun digitizes trade processing, prevents financial crime, and automates assessments with a recognized score against recognized frameworks, with comprehensive reporting, audit trails, and prescriptive analytics provided across solutions. 

Using TradeSun reduces risk and cost, while accelerating efficiency and business activities. The automated sustainability assessments improves transparency, measuring ESG risk in an objective and standardized manner.

Digitalization of Trade

Fine-tuned for trade finance

The AI Digitalization extracts and standardizes data from complex trade documents, both structured and unstructured, to the highest degree of accuracy.

The system combines natural language processing and optical character recognition with AI and curated machine learning and generative AI. It classifies documents, is fine-tuned for trade finance, recognizing sector-specific terms, and continuously learns from clients’ previous transactions for industry-leading accuracy.

By deploying the AI Digitalization, compliance teams can avoid costly human error as they no longer need to manually classify, compare, and analyze documents, vastly improving their efficiency and boosting productivity.

Reducing risk and cost

Once the data is structured, customers can then accelerate and automate the manual and repetitive process of document examination across a broad array of finance instruments, reducing risk, costs and processing times.

The TradeSun Intelligence platform harnesses comprehensive and intelligent rules-enhanced AI algorithms to check complex documents against increasingly strict global regulations. It significantly reduces the number of false positives and accelerates document turnaround times for banks’ clients from days to minutes.

FinCrime Prevention


The TradeSun Intelligence platform’s Real-Time Compliance takes financial crime prevention to the next generation with its holistic view of compliance, allowing teams in trade to advance their operations with confidence and reduce false positives.

The AI-powered TradeSun Intelligence platform performs extensive due diligence activities, covering trade-based money laundering (TBML), dual use goods screening, vessel tracking, and sanctions screening in real-time.

It leverages global datasets from leading third-party data providers that are integrated into the platform, giving customers the best in class compliance package.

Automated Sustainability Assessments


CoriolisESG, by TradeSun, is the first fully automated environmental, social and governance scoring and assessment product, is integrated into the TradeSun Intelligence platform and available by API.

It measures trade and supply chain activities and players against globally recognized frameworks, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the EU Taxonomy, and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

CoriolisESG has been developed in collaboration with more than 70 financial institutions, banks and professional bodies. Coriolis ESG, delivered via UI or API, enhances enterprise intelligence and resilience by measuring key entity data against global standards.