TradeSun's AI Platform

TradeSun is the world’s smartest cloud-based trade finance offering, with a one-stop platform for trade compliance and financial crime prevention. 

The platform, powered by TradeSun’s unique Astra AI technology, empowers global trade experts to seamlessly connect with their clients, creating an intelligent trading ecosystem that reduces risk, costs and false positives, fuels growth, and significantly improves efficiency.

TradeSun brings together a well-orchestrated user experience to digitize workflows, perform multiple due diligence activities that flag potential non-compliance in real-time, and accelerate and automate the document-inspection process.

Comprehensive reporting, audit trails, and prescriptive analytics are provided across the platform. Each solution can be provided as a standalone service, offering customers ultimate flexibility and allowing them to protect existing technology investments.


The Digitization solution automatically extracts and standardizes data from complex trade documents, both structured and unstructured, to the highest degree of accuracy.

The system combines Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition with AI and machine learning. It classifies documents, is fine-tuned for trade finance, recognizing sector-specific terms, and continuously learns from clients’ previous transactions for industry-leading accuracy.

By deploying the Digitization solution, compliance teams can avoid costly human error as they no longer need to manually classify, compare, and analyze documents, vastly improving their efficiency.

Trade Digitization

Real-Time Compliance

The Real-Time Compliance solution takes financial crime prevention in trade to the next level with its holistic view of compliance, allowing teams in trade to advance their operations with confidence and reduce false positives.

The AI-powered solution performs multiple due diligence activities, covering trade-based money laundering, dual use goods screening, vessel tracking, and sanctions screening in real-time. 

It leverages extensive global datasets from leading third-party data providers that are integrated into the solution, giving customers the complete compliance package.

Doc Exam

The Doc Exam solution accelerates and automates the manual and repetitive process of document examination in trade, reducing risk, costs and processing times.

The solution has a comprehensive and intelligent rules-based engine to check complex documents against, ensuring full compliance with increasingly strict global regulations. It significantly reduces the number of false positives and accelerates document turnaround times for banks’ clients from days to minutes.

It provides banks with unparalleled efficiency in the document-examination process, enabling teams to shift their focus to higher-value, client-focused tasks.

Trade Processing

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