ReThink Sustainability and TradeSun Partner to Deliver Global ESG Consultancy and Scoring for Business

San Diego, 30 November 2023: ReThink Sustainability, a global sustainability consultancy, has partnered with TradeSun, a provider of scalable, automated ESG scoring solutions, to provide businesses with the insight and expertise they need to improve their sustainability credentials.

TradeSun’s CoriolisESG empowers businesses of all sizes to measure, manage, and improve their ESG scores by matching activity against recognized global standards, including the 17 UN SDGs, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations, the EU taxonomy for Sustainable Activities, and the status of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

CoriolisESG’s data-driven and transparent methodology aligns its ESG scoring with global best practices and standards, generating comprehensive reports supported by risk analysis and improvement suggestions for companies of all sizes.

ReThink consultants will leverage CoriolisESG’s assessment to help businesses identify areas for improvement, reduce risks, and make more sustainable decisions, thereby working with clients to develop strategies to achieve their ESG goals.

“We are thrilled to partner with ReThink Sustainability to help businesses improve their ESG performance and supply chain sustainability,” said Nigel Hook, CEO of TradeSun. “Businesses around the world are facing increasing pressure and regulatory requirements to be more transparent about their ESG credentials. The ReThink – CoriolisESG partnership helps businesses meet these increasing pressures.”

“This partnership represents a momentous step in empowering businesses to enhance their ESG performance and achieve their sustainability objectives,” stated Justin McFarlane, Global Managing Partner of ReThink Sustainability.

Chris Walker, Managing Director of ReThink North America: “By leveraging TradeSun’s cutting-edge CoriolisESG scoring technology in tandem with our deep-seated sustainability advisory expertise, we are ideally positioned to empower businesses of all sizes to navigate their ESG transformation journeys with confidence and clarity.”

  1. Get a benchmark view of their ESG status today.
  2. Identify areas where they can improve their ESG outcomes.
  3. Reduce their ESG risks.
  4. Make more sustainable decisions.
  5. Improve their supply chain sustainability.

About ReThink Sustainability
ReThink Sustainability is a team of experienced consultants who help businesses improve their ESG performance. ReThink Sustainability provides a range of services, including sustainability consulting, reporting, and assurance. ReThink Sustainability is committed to helping businesses make a positive impact on the environment and society.

About TradeSun
TradeSun is the AI leader in trade digitalization. Our suite of products, including Real-Time Compliance and CoriolisESG, a scalable, automated ESG scoring solution, are transforming the trade and supply chain ecosystem to better manage sustainability and financial crime risks.

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