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Risky business: Trade needs technology for better risk management

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TradeSun makes senior hires as trade digitalization ramps up

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Trade-based money laundering – mapping a truly global problem

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ESG is here to stay with regulation ‘top of mind’

Despite differing views on environmental, social and governance matters, pressure by regulators over such topics is apparent, and rising around the world, writes the TradeSun team. … Read More

Powering Sustainable Business: Coriolis ESG by TradeSun

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4 tech trends steering global trade in 2023

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TradeSun acquires leading ESG company, paving way for further innovation in trade

TradeSun has acquired data company Coriolis Technologies to expedite ESG-compliant trade and help firms meet their sustainability goals. … Read More

supply chain digitization

Can digitization help supply chains steer clear of backlogs?

To steer clear of backlogs and make supply chains more efficient in California and beyond, digitization is a must for global trade … Read More

Kenya trade

Recap – Emerging trends in trade compliance across Kenya

Trade-based money laundering is a serious problem across Africa. With Kenya acting as the gateway to East Africa, it is vulnerable to TBML … Read More

Financial crime

Illuminating the shadowy underground of trade-based crime

Criminals are increasingly exploiting the trade and banking system to disguise the proceeds of their illicit activities … Read More