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Financial crime

Illuminating the shadowy underground of trade-based crime

Criminals are increasingly exploiting the trade and banking system to disguise the proceeds of their illicit activities … Read More

Beneficial Ownership

US regulator cracking down on financial secrecy

The US is pressing on with beneficial ownership reporting in an attempt to crack open the shell companies and networks used to hide ill-gotten gains … Read More

South Africa

Lifting the lid on financial secrecy across Africa

Complex corporate and blurry beneficial ownership structures are fueling financial crime risks in South Africa and beyond … Read More

Global trade needs ESG risk reporting to hit its targets

Technology is the way forward for ESG risk reporting for companies, which is critical in increasing transparency across supply chains … Read More

TradeSun expands into Pakistan market with partnership

TradeSun has signed a partnership with Khalid Associates Global (KAG), a leading trade finance consultancy, for the Pakistan territory. … Read More

TradeSun and Coriolis Technologies partner for ESG scoring of trade transactions

TradeSun and Coriolis Technologies have launched a solution for banks to measure ESG performance across trade … Read More

Carving out an equitable ecosystem in trade

The economic and social benefits of gender-inclusive trade are clear – yet financing and trade gender gaps remain pervasive and stubborn … Read More

BBVA partners with TradeSun to digitize global trade operations

BBVA has partnered with TradeSun to automate and digitize the documentation of its clients across the global trade ecosystem … Read More

Interview: ‘Digital solutions and cloud are vital in transforming trade’​

Many organizations are still reluctant to digitize their paper-based processes, despite the plethora of technologies available to them … Read More

Ronne Froman-Blue joins TradeSun’s Board of Directors

Ronne Froman-Blue, the retired US Navy Rear Admiral, has joined TradeSun’s Board to steer the company in its mission to fight crime. … Read More