TradeSun sponsors and will attend leading industry event in London


TradeSun will attend Global Trade Review’s leading conference on Africa in London to discuss the evolving trade landscape across the continent.

Taking place on November 3-4 in the city at County Hall alongside Westminster Bridge, GTR Africa will bring together important figures in Sub-Saharan trade, export and commodity finance, from banks to tech players and development organizations.

The event will focus on major trends impacting Africa’s economic health, including financing challenges and scaling up digitization initiatives and efforts. Other topics to be debated are supply chain resilience, the role of multilaterals in supporting African markets, and the African Continental Free Trade Area.

TradeSun is passionate about supporting companies and emerging markets to thrive through trade, a proven way to boost economic growth and development. African countries have much potential in trade: they are abundant in natural resources, have a young and growing population, and a huge internal market.

Nigel Hook, Chief Executive Officer of TradeSun, said: “The team is excited to attend and sponsor this leading industry event. African countries play a key role in trade and the global economy – and their importance will only increase.”

“We know from our work on the continent that trade is ripe for growth and industry, from banks to fintech companies, is keen to support countries and companies to prosper. TradeSun reduces risk for banks financing SMEs – the lifeblood of economies which can struggle to access financing to scale up.”

The event comes as Stanbic Bank Kenya, a trusted TradeSun partner, has been awarded Best Trade Finance Bank in Kenya by Global Trade Review. The recognition highlights the bank’s position as a leader in African trade and its commitment to the industry. The TradeSun team congratulates Stanbic on the award.

Earlier this year, Stanbic went live with TradeSun’s platform that automates the examination of trade documents after announcing a strategic partnership in October 2020. Automating the review process has offered the bank unparalleled efficiency: the processing time of documents has been reduced from five hours to minutes, with staff able to focus on higher-value tasks.

Read our report to learn more about the trade opportunity across Africa, and why technology will be pivotal to enabling smaller businesses that spur growth access to finance.

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